The UC

The UC is short for "The Up & Coming"  We're out to have some fun on the slopes and learn how to take your snowboarding experience to a new level in the snowboard park or anywhere on the monuntain.  We're essentially a freestyle and freeride kids camp hosted at Searchmont Resort.  We ride together every Sunday from 10am to 3pm with a lunch break in between.  To join us you must at least be an intermediate rider who's been through the terrain park and through the gladed tree runs, as this will be our home of operations for the 9 weeks we'll be together.  Don't worry about being an expert in the park and the trees, that's where we'll work together to improve and get the most of your time on the mountain.  

Check out our skills development calendar below.  In 2012 the whole team was showcased on local television's Ride It Out extreme sports and action tv show. 


2013 Skills Development Calendar

Each day will be split between the morning half where we'll run through the excercises, and by far the most important factor of a successful rider the afternoons will be for mileage.  Mileage is key when learning more advanced topics as it often takes many attempts to master these skills.  All topics will be carried over into the following weeks, as they do build upon each other.  

Jan 6 - Introductions, warm up activities, assess goals, teambuildig excercises, park etiquette

Jan 13 - Intro to jumps, rails and boxes

Jan 20 - Straight airs, standard grabs

Jan 27 - One footers, flat ground tricks

Feb 3 - Freeride, Glades, Boardercross techniques

Feb 10 - Large jumps, advanced grabs

Feb 17 - Quarterpipes, hip jumping

Feb 24 - Spins on and off rails, boxes including switch ups

March 3 - Handplants, cork spins, kinked rails

Note: All skills development topics are subject to change depending on weather conditions or terrain conditions. For example if there is a new jump built and available in the terrain park we will use that rather than freeride in the trees, or vice versa, if we have fresh powder we'll be riding the trees rather than the terrain park.

Each skill development topic will be tailored to the riding ability of the participant. For example, novice freestylers will start with double handed handplants where advanced freestylers will be doing single hand handplants on larger features.

2007-2008 Up and Coming Team


We don't know a snowboarder or skier that doesn't love to see their sport in pictures or video.  Snowsports and recording what we love to do go together like bread and butter.  That's why we will be taking video and photos regularly much like the professional and amateur snowboarders. Photos and video can be extremely valuable to learning snowboarders. It allows us to rewind and review what went right or what went wrong during any attempts.  Plus it's just fun to watch with your friends! A portion of the photos and video can be found here on SAFA's website in our galleries. 

About Us

The Searchmont and Area Freestyle Alliance

Affiliated with: Superior Community Skatepark Association